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This is just a little static page that
I keep to keep me entertained.
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About me, Evert Vorster

Well, only what I can remember... hehe

I was born in a little town called Christiana in South Africa on the 9th of July 1976

My family was pretty nomadic for the first few years of my life, and we moved on
from town to town quite a bit in my early years. I had my first few years of school
in a town called Schweizer-Renecke while we lived in a town called Amalia, 30 km
away. The reason for going to school in another town is because Amalia was too
small to have a school. I could walk around it in about an hour, and I was only
little then.

My father got diabetes when I was about five or six. As a result he was not able
to provide for the family, and very soon after that my parents divorced. I stayed
with my father for six months after the divorce, but I started missing my sisters
too much, and my father took me to go stay with my mom and sisters. The
distances involved are pretty incredible. It's about a 2400 km trip.

 So there I was growing up in another small town called Walvis Bay.  It's fishing
town , with lots of other industry. My family on my mother's side is Dutch, and
this influence comes through quite strongly in my current day personality. Not
always a good thing, but I like it that way.  Well, back to the story. My mom was
a single parent for most of my school-going years, and in retrospect I suppose it
must have been incredibly difficult for her to raise me and my three sisters on her
own. The family of course helped a little bit here and there, and we seem to have
managed quite allright. My mom married for her third time just after I left school.
Her husband is a Dutch guy, and he used to be quite good friends with my

As soon as I left school, I did nothing for a year, and then I went for a quick
trip to say hello to my father. He was only a shadow of the man he once was. It
was very sad to see. I stayed a while with my half brother, but in the end I came
back to Walvis Bay. There I started fishing on my mother's fishing boat and all
was well for about a year.

One Easter I got a job oppertunity to go work on a seismic survey vessel, and
since I was very involved with computers since I was 14, this was the ideal job
for me.  I did that for a year, and got retrenched in a downsizing move. This
prompted a move to England, but I only stayed a little more than a month, as I
was able to get my old job back. With this job I travel around the world, and
earn relatively good money. 

In 2002 I started my weblogs, and the rest of my history can be read there...